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Stag Party

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Acts of Insanity Card Game
The crazy party game for crazy people! The...
Beer Dice
The easy-to-learn, fun-to-play drinking game!...
Beer Bottle Holder
Beer bottle holder in the shape of a sexy female...
Toy Joy Bubbling Boobs Soap
Liven up bath time - rub yourself down with this...
Grow Your Own Pornstar
Place the pornstar in water and watch her grow up...
Grow your Own Pole Dancer
Place the mini poledancer in water and watch her...
Sperm Gauge
Measure how much of a man you are with this sperm...
Fuck A Duck 14” Size Doll
Give fowl play a whole new meaning, this ain't...
Fatty Patty Love Doll
Her blood type is Ragu, her belt size is the...
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